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Is Computer Science A Good Major?

is computer science a good major

Is Computer Science A Good Major

Is Computer Science A Good Major? The advantages of a computer science major are many. According to a recent CNN report on America’s best jobs, 7 of the top 30 careers were in computer science fields, including the #1 occupation, systems engineer. A computer science major will best prepare a student for these positions.

Today we talk about Is Computer Science A Good Major? First of all The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for many computer science-related jobs, such as software developers and network security experts, will increase at a much faster than average rate during this decade, while most others will continue to grow steadily. Overall, growth in all computer science fields is expected to be about 21% through 2030.

Graduate study is also an option for computer science majors.Is Computer Science A Good Major we going to learn that. A 2020 study by the Computer Research Association found that only 1.4% of computer science PhDs were unemployed, far below the average unemployment rate for other graduate or professional degrees.

In short, a degree with a computer science major is a good investment and will make you more marketable after graduation than many other majors. Is Computer Science A Good Major? We want to tell you a lot of info about this.

Basic Information

Is Computer Science A Good Major? What They Learn? Computer science majors learn how computers work. They acquire programming skills, but computer science is about more than just programming.

System design and analysis is another important component of the major. So, too, are theoretical aspects that study and analyze algorithms, data representation and problem-solving methods. The flexibility of computer science is one reason why it is such a useful degree.


Is Computer Science A Good Major? What Kind of computer science course online? Although programs differ considerably from school to school, computer science majors should expect to take classes in programming, algorithms, logic, algebra, calculus, computer architecture and data structures. Some computer science majors may choose sub-specialties to give them a deeper understanding of certain aspects of the subject.

Outside of computer science classes, courses in business or in business/technical writing can be good elective options, as they further strengthen a student’s résumé and skill set.

Who Should Consider A Computer Science Major?

Is Computer Science A Good Major? Who Should Consider A Computer Science Major? The type of person who usually excels in computer science programs enjoys studying systems and solving problems. Understanding computers also requires a great deal of curiosity and creativity.

Both concrete and abstract thinking skills are necessary to excel in the field. Finally, it should be stressed that computer science is hard work, requiring many hours of working on projects, sometimes with a team, sometime in isolation. It is not an easy major, and those who attempt it should be hard-working and dedicated as well as talented.

Popularity of the Computer Science Major

Is Computer Science A Good Major? İs it popular? In the early to middle years of the last decade, the number of students opting for a major in computer science fell drastically. However, after the year 2007, enrollment began to grow again, and has been doing so steadily for the past few years.

The above-mentioned report by the Computer Research Association in 2013 found that in the 2011-12 school year, the percentage of undergraduates seeking a computer science degree increased by nearly 20% over the previous school year, marking the third year in a row of double-digit increases. Enrollment, therefore, is increasing, but not faster than the demand for computer science jobs applicants.

Computer science online degree is popular now

Today we talk about Is Computer Science A Good Major? If you want more information about computer science major just click the link.



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