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What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science

What are the highest paying jobs in computer science Life today relies upon use of computer hardware and software. As web applications continue to multiply, the need for technology workers increases. By 2030, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that companies will need at least a million new technology professionals to meet projected employer demands.

What are the highest paying jobs in computer science (includes the disciplines of computer engineering, information systems, information technology, software engineering and interdisciplinary roles) represent a high percentage of the country’s highest paying jobs across all industries.

1. Software developers

Software developers are in high demand. BLS projects 42 percent job growth from 2020 to 2030. Software developers write code and design/customize computer applications. Software developers research, design, implement and test software. They make also participate in software design, project management and programming tasks (not individual programming).

They contribute at the application level of the project. Software developers may report to the project’s lead programmers. Software developers may work for computer systems designers or related firms or software publishing companies. Others are employed by computer or electronic manufacturers.

Software developers work long hours: about 27 percent of all software developers in 2020 worked more than a 40-hour work week, according to BLS. BLS says that software developers earned median income of $120,590 in 2020.

2. Database administrators, DBAs

Organize and fix information and data with software. They create and administer databases. They help other access and use information while helping to keep it secure. Database administrators work across industry groups.

According to BLS, most worked more than 40 hours per week in 2020. Database administration jobs are projected to grow at 34 percent from 2020 to 2030 reflecting heavy employer demand. Average median income for DBAs in 2020 was $93,490.

3. Computer programmers

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science Computer programmers comes to our mind. They use code to write customize existing software programs. They translate designs from software engineers and developers into language instructions (e.g. Java or C++) that computers understand and use.

According to BLS, jobs for computer programmers are not expanding as rapidly as other computer-related jobs. Programming jobs are projected to expand by about 17 percent through 2030. Programmers earned a median $101,380 in 2020.

4. Computer and information systems managers

PC and data frameworks directors otherwise called data innovation (IT) supervisors or venture chiefs plan, compose, immediate and arrange exercises of the IT association. They define the organization’s IT goals and create plans to implement systems in order to achieve them.

Most manager roles require a minimum of five years experience. According to BLS, Computer and Information Systems/IT Manager jobs are expected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030. The median annual salary for this position was $135,780 in 2020.

5. Computer hardware engineers

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer ScienceComputer hardware engineers have good salary too. They design, test, research and develop computer hardware (equipment), including routers, chips and circuit boards. They enable new software by upgrading hardware when needed. They are tasked with solving hardware problems and finding new ways to advance computer hardware function.

Demand for computer hardware engineers is projected to grow at about 14 percent from 2020 to 2030. Most firms prioritize software development and engineering above hardware concerns. According to BLS, computer hardware engineers earned a median $118.810 in 2020.

6. Computer systems analysts

Computer systems analysts help the information technology organization to operate more effectively and efficiently by studying computer systems and processes. They recommend specific procedures to save money and reduce IT costs, bringing business, compliance and IT together.

Efficiency and compliance concern both IT and business operations, and BLS projects that computer analysts positions will expand by 24 percent between 2020 and 2030. BLS reports computer systems analysts earned median income of $87,740 in 2020.

7. Information Security Analysts

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Information Security Analysts comes to our mind. They help to protect the employer organization’s data from cyber attackers. They analyze, plan and execute security-related strategies to protect computer systems and networks. Information security analysts must keep apprised of latest security trends; monitor organization networks for security issues and problems, then investigate breaches and violations.

They routinely use existing software programs, e.g. data encryption or firewalls, to protect the organization. They proactively and reactively recommend and install security-related process or products. According to BLS, information security analyst jobs will expand by 28 percent between 2020 and 2030. Information security analysts earned a median $93,660 in 2020.

8. Web Developers

Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science

Web Developers create the frameworks for websites, providing the organization’s ‘face’ to the world. The web developer structures the technical aspects of the site, including how it performs (e.g. speed and bandwidth).

They write code, using HTML or XML program languages, and work with others to identify the content and information the website provides to users. They debug site applications. They usually don’t perform web design and work with graphics and web designers.

Web developers integrate audio/video and graphics into the site layout. Web developer roles are projected to increase by 24 percent through 2030. The median income earned by web developers in 2020 was $95,660 according to BLS.

9. Computer network architects and network engineers

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Computer network architects and network engineers comes to our mind. Computer network architects and network engineers build and design data/communications networks (e.g. local area networks/LANs; wide area networks/WANs; and organization intranets).

Networks may include small connections (e.g. network linking two offices) to multinational systems (allowing many communications systems across continents to communicate).

Network architects possess in-depth knowledge of the organization business plan in order to create a network that enables the business or enterprise to meet its goals.

They create/layout plans for data communication networks; present plans and rationale to management; select hardware (e.g. adaptors or routers), software (e.g. drivers) needed by the network; position hardware and cables needed to create the network; and information security concerns.

The network architect works closely with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO); they may supervise engineers tasked with building networks designed. Computer architects are senior staff and usually have a minimum of five years experience. BLS predicts 23 percent expansion in these positions through 2030. The median income earned in 2020 was $95,660.

10. Computer information research scientists

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Computer information research scientist have good salary. Computer information research scientist design, create or invent and determine new ways to use technology.

They study, research or solve complicated computing issues in many industries or in an academic setting (this position requires an advanced or doctoral degree).

Computer information research scientists publish research in academic and business journals. BLS says that computer information research scientist positions will grow at approximately 21 percent through 2030; the median income for this role was $120,660 per year in 2020.

11. Computer technical support specialists

Computer technical support specialists assist others using an organization’s computer equipment and software. They perform hands-on tasks to support other information technology (IT) team members within the organization. They may work in the organization’s ‘help desk’ or support non-IT, business users with computer questions or concerns.

People performing support or help desk roles may not need a college degree: hands-on experience can qualify individuals in search of computer or technical support roles. According to BLS, computer support jobs are expected to grow at about 19 percent through 2030. The median salary earned in the role was $56,260 per year in 2020.

12. Chief technology officer, CTO

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Chief technology officer, CTO comes to our mind. Chief technology officer, CTO is a corporate (C-level) role within the corporation. CTOs work in various industries, and usually report to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) CTOs focus on longer-term computer and information technology issues.

Depending upon organizational structure, senior engineers, compliance and research & development professionals may report to the CTO.

The CTO may be involved with intellectual property/IP concerns, including license contracts, patents or trade secrets of the company). CTOs tend to focus on technology related to customer-offered product lines. CTOs work closely with attorneys and operations management. According to data, CTOs earn median income of $171,490.

13. Chief information officer, CIO

Chief information officer, CIO is a corporate (C-level) position of the corporation. Unlike the CTO, CIOs adapt and acquire existing technology within the information technology organization.

CIOs focus almost entirely of the internal organization and are not customer needs’ focused. They are solutions-oriented. Large corporations often have both CTO and CIO positions. Data reports that CIOs earn a median salary of $152,092.

14. Chief science officer, CSO

Chief science officer, CSO is a corporate (C-level) position. In some cases, the chief technology officer/CTO may simultaneously hold the CSO post. Research-focused companies prioritize the CSO role while companies focused on product creation and development prioritize the CTO position.

CSOs frequently oversee a team of engineers and sometimes interact with the organization’s business operations. CSOs earn median income of $214,672, according to data.

15. Bioinformatics roles

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Bioinformatics roles have good salary too. Bioinformatics roles combine disciplinary expertise in computer science, biology, biochemistry, biomedicine, genomics, academic research and education. Bioinformatics specialists often work in biotech, life sciences or pharmaceutical industries.

Some PhD programs offer multidisciplinary information systems/technology, statistics, chemistry, and mathematics. According to data, this developing careers in computer scince position pays a median income of approximately $110,000 (e.g. Principal Investigator, Pharmaceutical Research).

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16. Computational biology roles

Computational biology roles combine computer science and science, and acts as a data bridge between computing and sciences. The blending of computer science, application sciences (e.g. chemistry, engineering, biology, earth sciences) and applied mathematics serves the research & development or customer-facing organization.

According to data, the median salary reported by 10 computational biologists in biotech is $119,200.

17. Computer science and mathematics roles

Computer science and mathematics roles blends computer science, statistics and applied mathematics. According to BLS, the median income for senior computer science/math positions was $125,780 in 2020. Projected growth for this role is approximately 23 percent from 2020 to 2030.

18. Computer science and animation roles

Best Paying Jobs In Computer Science

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Computer

science and animation roles comes to our mind. Computer science and animation roles combine computer science (software development, engineering and applications) with 2-D and 3-D animation skills.

According to BLS, computer animator earned approximately $92,000 in 2020. Jobs in computer animation are expected to grow by 28 percent through 2030.

19. Medical informatics roles

Medical informatics roles combine computer science, information technology and computer information systems design and development for medical or health employers. Medical informatics combines expertise in biology and life sciences.

According to data, base salaries of medical informatics positions (including Medical Director and Clinical Programmer roles) average $95,000 per year.

20. Quantitative research analyst roles

Quantitative research analyst roles combine computer programming skills, statistics and applied mathematics to develop proprietary financial models for banks, insurance companies and money managers around the world.

According to BLS, financial analysts of all varieties earned median income of $84,350 per year in 2020. Job outlook for financial analysts is expected to grow at 25 percent through 2030.

21. Econometricians roles

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Econometricians roles have good salary. Econometricians roles combine computer science, statistics, applied mathematics and economics disciplines.

According to BLS, econometricians develop models to evaluate economic correlations and relationships. The median income earned by economists of all varieties was $99,450 per year in 2020. Job outlook is slower than average, at about 8 percent through 2030.

22. Systems software engineers

Systems software engineers develop and design software using computer science and mathematical analytics to create, monitor and evaluate software systems. Systems software engineers understand what makes computers work.

Systems software developers earned a median $104,180 that year according to BLS. Jobs are expected to grow at 27 percent through 2030.

23. Software application engineers

Speaking of What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Computer Science, Software application engineers comes to our mind. They focused on applications earn a bit less than software systems developers. They modify computer applications programs and develop applications and custom utility programs.

Software application engineers have an interest in operating efficiency. According to BLS, software applications earned median income of 97,890 per year in 2020.

24. Computer security and privacy/Hackers

Computer security and privacy/Hackers help clients defeat malicious cyber attackers or data thieves. They work as consultants to law enforcement agencies, governments and businesses. BLS says that median income of computer security and privacy professionals was $120,660 in 2020. Job outlook is projected at 21 percent through 230.

25. Configuration specialists

Configuration specialists possess network administration and network engineering experience. They may focus on network and computer system security. According to BLS, configuration specialists earned a median salary of $79,160 per year in 2020. Job outlook is projected at 31 percent through 2030.

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